Ocean Conference: protect marine life

The first-ever United Nations summit on oceans wrapped up with a global agreement to reverse the decline of the ocean's health, and more than 1,300 pledged actions. more

Water is going digital

The water and wastewater industry is in transition to a digital revolution. A new report by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) provides a detailed guide to the opportunities in this smart... more

Diane d'Arras new IWA President

Diane d’Arras is the new President of the International Water Association. She has been an active member of the IWA for many years, and has served on the organisation’s Board for the last six... more

IWA announced Project Innovation Awards

The International Water Association announced the Project Innovation Award Winners 2016. They have been selected for their innovation and excellence in water management. more

First Aquatech Mexico opening soon

The first edition of Aquatech Mexico exhibition will open on Wednesday October 26. It serves as the meeting place for all market leaders within the Mexican water sector. more

World Water Week has closed

Water is the enabler of successful implementation of the entire 2030 Agenda as well as the Paris Climate Agreement. This is one central conclusion from World Water Week Stockholm. more

UN: Water pollution rises across three continents

Rising water pollution is placing hundreds of millions of people at risk of contracting life-threatening diseases like cholera and typhoid across three continents, United Nations have warned.... more

Joan Rose receives 2016 Stockholm Water Prize

Professor Joan B. Rose received the 2016 Stockholm Water Prize during the ongoing World Water Week, for her tireless contributions to global public health. more